m.a.d. - mutually affirmed deviance


piece for 4 performers

65 min

m.a.d. explores the collective body of four performers and their deviance from the norm. Together they venture a shared vulnerability and, strengthened by this newfound unity, they set out to disrupt the vicious cycle of discrimination, hatred and violence. Through choreography and sound the four protagonists attempt to transform the martial meaning of m.a.d. ("mutually assured destruction") into “mutually affirmed deviance” – into a daring "yes!" in celebration of the body and of their common breakout from its alienating socializations.

m.a.d. by Valerie Reding is a contemporary performance piece for four performers. It is co-produced by Tanzhaus Zürich and premiered on November 3rd 2020. Besides the partnerships Dampfzentrale Bern (CH), Grand Studio (BE), TROIS C-L Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois (LU) and the collective Independent Little Lies (ILL) in Luxembourg (LU), m.a.d. has been awarded the young choreographers’ grant by the Société Suisse des Auteurs (SSA).


Concept, artistic direction: 

Valerie Reding

Choreography, performance: 

Bastien Hippocrate, Rafal Pierzyński, Valerie Reding

Sound design, performance: 

Ivy Monteiro


Marc Streit


Christopher Füllemann

Light design:

Thomas Giger

Light adaptation:

Marek Lamprecht

Oeil extérieur: 

Simone Mousset, Simone Aughterlony

Vocal coach:

Marcel Fässler

Dramaturgical production advisor Tanzhaus Zürich:

Simon Froehling

Video teaser, live stream:

OIL Productions, Nora Smith, Mahalia Giotto

Photography, flyer:

Valerie Reding


REDart, Valerie Reding

Production assistance:

Nico Dubosson


Tanzhaus Zürich


Dampfzentrale, Grand Studio, Queer Little Lies Festival, Réseau Grand Luxe, TROIS C-L Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois


Financial support: 

Corymbo Stiftung, Dance from Luxembourg, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Fondation Indépendance, Fondation Nestlé pour l’Art, Fondation SUISA, FONDS RESPECT by Pink Cross, LOS (Lesbian Organisation Switzerland) and TGNS (Transgender Network Switzerland), Migros Kulturprozent, Ministère de la Culture Luxembourgeois, Pro Helvetia, Société Suisse des Auteurs SSA, Stadt Zürich Kultur, t. Theaterschaffende Schweiz, TROIS C-L Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois

If you would like to see the video documentation of the entire piece, please send me a message to get the video link and password!