Valerie Reding works at the intersection of performance, dance, photography and video and explores the potential of empathy, vulnerability, transformation, camp aesthetic, artificiality and masks in order to question gender roles and norms of sexualities, identities and bodies within the socio-economic framework of our heteronormative, patriarchal and capitalist society. Furthermore, she investigates the implications of the digital world and social media on our self-perception, on interpersonal relationships and on the creation of communities. As her drag stage alter-ego VulVenim and as part of the queer drag collective House of Kumkrete, she embraces her feminist, panromantic and asexual femme-power and creates eclectic queerlesque live performances.


She has been trained in ballet and contemporary dance, and received a BA in Media Arts at the ZHdK (Zurich University of the Arts) as well as at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.

Her works have been shown in galleries such as Commonwealth & Council (LA), FORMA Art Contemporain (Lausanne), LAC (Vevey) and Deep Trash by CUNTemporary (London), she has performed at festivals like zürich moves!, Zürich Tanzt, The Queer Biennial II (LA), La Fête du Slip (Lausanne) and The Porny Days (Zurich) as well as at theaters like Tanzhaus Zürich, Arsenic (Lausanne), TROIS C-L Centre de Création Chorégraphique (Luxembourg), CounterPulse (San Francisco), the Escher Theater (Luxembourg) and Theater Am Gleis (Winterthur).


As a choreographer, performer and visual artist, Valerie has already collaborated with artists and curators like Marc Streit, Pauline Boudry, Andres Bosshard, Daniel Hellmann, Simone Aughterlony, Martin Zimmermann, Lukas Beyeler, Maya Rochat, Nagi Gianni, Malika Fankha, Monique Jenkinson aka Fauxnique, Mica Sigourney aka Vivvyanne Forevermore, Ivan Blagajcevic aka Evalyn Eatdith, Ivan Monteiro aka Tropikahl Pussy, Vic Sin, Emile Barret, Alexander Martinz, Talaya Schmid and Viviane Morey. 


As a costume designer, she has worked for Daniel Hellmann’s Requiem For A Piece Of Meat, for her solo piece WILD CHILD as well as for Malika Fankha’s new piece Oxy Moron, besides creating the costumes for all her own stage performances and photographic works.



Oxy Moron 

costume, stage and make-up design for the piece by Malika Fankha in co-production with Tanzhaus Zürich and brut in Vienna

House Of Kumkrete

mini-ball and workshops within the ZÜRICH TANZT festival

why don't you do right

long-durational, one-on-one performance (3h30min) that was shown at the zürich moves! festival at Last Tango, at Miller's in Zurich as well as at Théâtre St. Gervais in Geneva within the festival Les Créatives


creative direction, concept, photography and performance for this transdisciplinary project combining a photo series with performances and workshops that was shown at La Datcha in Lausanne as well as at Alpagai in Sion

Anonym Plant - The Ghost of Macunaima

make-up and costume design for the long-durational interactive performance by Emilia Giudicelli


performance at Fierce Motrice at Le Rez in Geneva

DOING HER - the slur edition  

performed at La Datcha in Lausanne



solo piece (50min) created within the platform „SHOW OFF“ at Tanzhaus Zürich; shows at La Bellone in Brussels (in cooperation with Tanzhaus Zürich, Grand Studio and Pro Helvetia), at Arsenic in Lausanne within the festival „La Fête Du Slip“, at TROIS C-L in Luxembourg, at the inaugural CounterPulse Festival in San Francisco and at the Escher Theater in Luxembourg within the Queer Little Lies Festival

House of Kumkrete  

drag shows and party (KUMKRETE), produced and performed at the Superball in Amsterdam, at the Klaus Club in Zurich and at the festival Porny Days in Zurich 


DOING HER - the slur edition  

performed at Le Cabanon in Lausanne


performances at Klaus Club in Zurich, at La Cage au Folles and at Femme Fatale amongst others



DOIN G HER - the fetish edition 

performed at the festival „Porny Days“ in Zurich


short piece performed at Theater am Gleis within the festival „Tanzfestival Winterthur“ and at Tanzhaus Zürich within the short piece platform SHOW-OFF


DOING HER - like Hermann Haller 

performed within the group exhibition „Bewegte Körper“ at Atelier Hermann Haller in Zurich 


performances at Cabaret Voltaire, at KUNT at Exil in Zurich and at Genevegas at Motel Campo in Geneva

Requiem For A Piece Of Meat

costume design for the piece of Daniel Hellmann



performed during „Friday Island - Play(ing)“ in Luxembourg and at the LAC Galerie within the festival „Images Vevey 2016“ in Vevey 


B.O.M.B.E.D. - Bursting Our Memories By Enchanting Desires 

performed at the “Queer Biennial II: Yooth - Loss & Found” in the Industry Gallery in Los Angeles

Know Thyself ... but not too much 

performed at Tanzhaus Zürich within the festival “zürich moves!”

An-Other Moulting

performed during “F?!” curated by Marc Streit and Young Chung at Commonwealth & Council in LA and at the gallery FORMA Art Contemporain in Lausanne within the festival “La Fête Du Slip”

House Of Xanax 

performed at the vernissage of the exhibition “Trouble” at the gallery FORMA Art Contemporain in Lausanne within the festival “La Fête Du Slip” in collaboration with Lukas Beyeler and Ivan Blagajcevic


performance at KUNT at Exil in Zurich



performed at “Showroom Z+ gender (ver)handeln” at the Zurich University of the Arts 


Malleus Maleficarum

performed at the studio Gessnerallee in Zurich 




photo series exhibited at the La Datcha in Lausanne and Alpagai in Sion




video and photo series exhibited at the „PHOTO18 Werkschau“ in Zurich and at Atelier Hermann Haller in Zurich




long-durational video exhibited within „3 du TROIS“ at the TROIS C-L in Luxembourg



Odher Portraits 

photo series exhibited within „Deep Trash from Outer Space“ in London and at the LAC Galerie within the festival „Images Vevey 2016“ in Vevey

Metamorphosis (Trailer) 

shown by the collective “Videotage” at the Art Basel Hong Kong

petite mort 

exhibited within the exhibition “Trouble” at the gallery FORMA Art Contemporain in Lausanne within the festival “La Fête Du Slip”



Human Intersexions 

photo series shown at International art festival „BorderLand - Hidden Identities & Forbidden Desires“ in Zaragoza and at the group exhibition “BorderBody” in Breslau at the gallery “MD_S” (Miejsce Dla Sztuki)



Human Intersexions & Metamorphosis

solo exhibition „One Night Only“ in Zurich

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