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photography series (7 portraits)

concept, photography, costume, set design and make-up

Valerie Reding


Giulia Essyad, Lucia Gugerli, Nayansaku Mufwankolo, Reut Nahum, Sascha Rijkeboer, Teresa Vittucci, Yougo Girl


Nico Dubosson


Alpagai, Be You Network, BØWIE - The Gender Projects Incubator, Couture Brut, La Datcha, LILA Festival Milchjugend, Queer Little Lies Festival, Tanzhaus Zürich, TROIS CL Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois

makeup sponsor

NYX Professional Makeup

financial support

avec le soutien financier de la Confédération en vertu de la loi sur l’encouragement de l’enfance et de la jeunesse (LEEJ), Agenda 21 Ville de Genève, Fondation Émilie Gourd, Fondation Oertli, Fonds RESPECT by Pink Cross, TGNS - Transgender Network Switzerland, LOS - Swiss Lesbian Organization, Migros Pour-cent culturel

HVNGRY is an attempt to deconstruct gender stereotypes, reflect on sexist insults and create an open space for a playful and unlimited exploration of alternative representations of diverse gender expressions and sexualities - far beyond heteronormative gender binaries and roles.


HVNGRY features a series of 7 portraits of queer people, embodying 7 archetypal figures: the Witch, the Slut, the Hysteric, the Old Crone, the Dyke, the Frigid and the Fury.

Using elements from the grotesque, the monstrous, drag and camp aesthetic, as well as references from contemporary pop culture and religious iconography, Valerie Reding tries to find „authenticity“ through artifice and creates a series of portraits that display empowering icons of an intersectional feminism and a post-gender era, creating possible spaces for all kinds of self-expressions.

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