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KUK Valerie Reding X Melting Pol


15 min live performance for Kulturkanal (TV)

For the KUK LIVE SESSION 6 on March 1st 2021, visual artist, performer and choreographer Valerie Reding and video-mapping artist Melting Pol, created a site-specific performance that was streamed live from 1535° Creative Hub Differdange in Luxembourg on Kulturkanal (Luxembourgish TV) and on multiple streaming websites.


Dance, video, photography, music, lights and space merge together to create a strange world where everything is in constant transformation and nothing is what it seems.

performance, choreography, costume, makeup:

Valerie Reding

video mapping, video direction, light installation:

Melting Pol aka Paul Schumacher


Valerie Reding & Melting Pol


"Eather" by Twin Xxa

"Some Hearts" by L.O.S.S. aka Ivy Monteiro & Lydia Perrot

"Jupiter" by Aamar

live broadcast:

KUK KulturKanal fir Lëtzebuerg & FOQUS


live moderation:

Claudia Uhrhausen


with special thanks to:

Jill Crovisier, David Galassi, Serge Tonnar

To watch the video documentation of the entire live performance, followed by an interview with the artists in Luxembourgish, please click on the button below:

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