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DOING HER - the slur edition


a long-durational interactive performance (5 hours)

concept, performance, photography, costume, make-up and set design 

Valérie Reding



Tropikahl Pussy aka Ivan Monteiro


La Chienne De Garde aka Nicolas Dubosson


Le Cabanon, Lausanne

The Concept

Wanna call her names?

DOING HER - the slur edition. An interactive one-to-one performance. The setting of a photo shooting. The performer’s body as a canvas to explore sexist slurs. An endless loop of construction and destruction. A consensual power play between the muse and the spectator. One self-portrait taken by the performer as the trace of this transient encounter.

The Performance


The interactive performance takes place in a box. The performer is inside the box. 

Outside of the box, the watch dog La Chienne De Garde will watch the entry to the box. The visitors can peek into the box through little peep holes. The outside walls of the box will be covered with some post-its with sexist slurs. Little heart shaped post-its are provided to the public, so that they can contribute to the collection of sexist slurs on the outside walls of the box.

If they dare to enter the box and interact with the performer, the visitors can chose a sexist slur from the post-its or from their own imagination, go to La Chienne De Garde and enter the space one by one. La Chienne De Garde will monitor the interaction time which is limited to 7.3 minutes - the average duration of a sexual encounter.


Once inside the box, the performer will enquire the visitor about their chosen sexist slur and together the two of them will then try to visualize that slur together using the provided material by the performer (body paint, hair, props, clothes, random objects,…) and using the performer’s body. At the end of this consensual creation process, the result will be shot by the performer by the means of a self-portrait. The visitor can be allowed to participate in the staging process. After that, the visitor will be asked to leave and the next visitor will be let in by La Chienne De Garde.


The performance is accompanied by live music, performed by the queer latinx performer Tropikahl Pussy.

The pictures created during the performance will be shared and exhibited at the venue in an exhibition following the performance.

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