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DOING HER - the slur edition
Only Witches and Vampires


a long-durational interactive performance (3 hours)

Wanna call her names? An interactive one-on-one performance. The setting of a photo shooting. The performer’s body as a canvas to explore sexist slurs. An endless loop of construction and destruction. A consensual power play between the „muse“ and the „spectator“. One self-portrait taken by the performer as the trace of this transient encounter. Guarded by La Chienne De Garde.


The performance is accompanied by a low fi and high fi witchy Afro Diasporic live music jam - be ready to get your mind and body enchanted by Ivy Monteiro and Tracy September.

concept, performance, photography, costume, make-up and set design 

Valerie Reding



Ivy Monteiro and Tracy September

assistance and performance

La Chienne De Garde aka Nicolas Dubosson


Kulturfolger, Zurich

pictures by Anna Maysuk

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