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An-Other Moulting

2015 - 2016

a long-durational interactive performance (5 hours)

concept, performance, costume and make-up:

Valerie Reding


documentation photography

Lukas Beyeler, Laure-Anne Cossu and Anthony Peluso


performed within the performance art event „F?!“ curated by Marc Streit at Commonwealth & Council in Los Angeles (USA) on 24/10/2015 as well as within the festival „La Fête du Slip“ at FORMA Art Contemporain in Lausanne (Switzerland) within the group exhibition "Trouble" curated by Elorri Harriet and Sandrine Thomas on 6/3/2016

A performer, a mirror, a chair, a table filled with make-up, copious amounts of glue, hair and clothes: these build the framework for a multiple hour long morphing process. The observer and the mirror witness the incessant

destruction and emergence of possible identities - within the gender spectrum and beyond.

By the use of these artifacts, the artist explores a conception of identity that is not based on a linear narrative, but rather on fragmentation, multiplicity, fluidity, failure and unfinishedness.

The audience watches the artist, the artist looks into the mirror, the mirror watches the artist and the artist observes the audience.

But what happens when this mechanical mask painting is suddenly interrupted by the demolition of the mirror and the performer needs to entirely rely on the way that the Other sees her to be able to continue the never ending masquerade?

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